The Panda Power Lateral Project will be located in Grayson County, Texas.  The Project will consist of approximately 16.5 miles of 16-inch diameter pipeline lateral of approximately 55 percent will be mostly collocated along existing pipeline or utility corridors. The Project will extend Gulf Crossing's existing facilities to an interconnection with a new gas-fired power plant being developed by Panda Sherman Power, LLC, which will allow needed economic and efficient power to the electricity resources in the north central and north east region of Texas. For additional information on Panda Sherman Power, LLC, please visit the following website: http://www.pandafunds.com/invest/sherman/.



Copies of significant public documents on the Panda Power Lateral Project can be viewed in your area at the following public library location:


Grayson County, Texas

Sherman Public Library

421 N Travis St
Sherman, TX 75090
Phone (903) 892-7240


To obtain information about the FERC's role as a regulator of interstate transmission of natural gas, oil and electricity, about getting involved in the regulatory process and to access Citizen's Guides that summarize your rights and the process when dealing with FERC-regulated energy project licensing, visit the FERC's Website at www.ferc.gov and click on the "For Citizens" tab.  To proceed directly to download FERC's guide, "An Interstate Natural Gas Facility on My Land? - What Do I Need to Know," click on www.ferc.gov/for-citizens/citizen-guides.asp.



Panda Power Lateral Overview Map





February 1, 2013          Filed Certificate Application     

September 12, 2013      FERC approval received

October, 2013              Construction Start

June, 2014                   Target In-Service